Clinical STUDY Results
Total body weight - 7.5 lb
Body fat percentage - 3.02%
Waist - 2.32 inches
Hips - 2.80 inches
Chest - 1.93 inches
Abdomen - 2.45 inches
Glucose (blood sugar) - 3.17 mg/dL
Total cholesterol - 26.45 mg/dL
Triglycerides - 22.31 mg/dL
* Average results among 36 subjects after one week on the diet. See “Effects of a short term dietary supplement combination program on weight management, adipose tissue, cholesterol and triglycerides in overweight adults” by Dr. Michael J. Gonzales, Dr. J. Miranda-Massari, et. al.
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Melanie lost 20 pounds by doing six consecutive one week programs